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How To Get 3000 Backlinks In One Day

Backlinks are one of the most important components of having a successful website therefore we need to pay particular attention to getting a lot of backlinks and making sure that they are relevant to our niche. So today I am going to show you a little trick that I learned recently and it is concerned with getting a lot of backlinks the easy way. This guide will explain how to get 3000 backlinks in one day.

  1. Write 2 new articles, they don?t need to be anything extra but make sure they are at least 250 words long; I would suggest to make them at least 300 words to make them more relevant to your site.
  2. Find 20 free blog hosting sites, paid are fine as well but why spend money if you don?t need to. Example of free blog would be WordPress, Blogger, Yahoo360 etc.
  3. Create an account on each of these hosting sites and post your 2 articles and include 3 links to your site.
  4. After you are done creating your blogs and posting your articles grab RSS Feeds of those 20 blogs and submit them to 25 RSS Feed directories such as Badrss, Feedagg, 1000sites, Feedage etc.
  5. When you are done submitting you will have 3000 backlinks.

This is how we calculate that:

20 Blogs * 2 Posts* 3 Links = 120 Backlinks

120 Backlings * 25 RSS Feeds = 3000

You can increase this by adding more articles, links and RSS Feeds but if you have a new site I would not recommend doing that. Google will be suspicious of your techniques and you might get banned so be careful. Use this technique wisely and you will find success.

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