Payza Got Money Laundering Lawsuit + HostSEO Impt. Announcement

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dear SEO Hosting Clients, already taken offline due to the lawsuit. Almost same thing happening as it happened with Liberty Reserve. We have received updated payment gateway modules from our development team with new domain and so far the Payza payment gateway is up and stable with new domain. You can order with Payza once again at HostSEO!

There is a major issue with Payza withdrawal problem remain exists. Since the lawsuit Payza does not process any withdrawal or, bank transfer. Due to large number of withdrawal requests performed by the members the process has been delayed (As per Payza facebook page reply). A notice was given to merchants that all withdrawal will be processing after April 15, 2018. So we kept Payza on our watchlist. If any customer make payment with Payza Gateway, may face delayed service activation (upto 48 hours). SSL and Domain Registration order may have extended delay upto 1 week.

More details coming soon.. #Payza

Last Edited: March 31, 2018

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